Earthquake anti-forecast. Based on the only pattern in seismicity...  a discovery that rewrites physics?


Earth oscillations magnification due to astronomical alignments


Google Collection of Patterns Under All Alignments
Full Moon

hover your mouseHover your mouse over an alignment to see its effect on Earth ~M6+ seismicity as an INCREASE-PEAK-DECREASE pattern in M6.2+ magnitudes. Alignments to Mars do not appear to affect Earth seismicity.hover your mouse

The peak-magnitude in each distinct M5.7+ magnification episode/jolt marked by omitting of trending arrows.  Each M6.2+ magnitude marked red, except in proximal alignments.
A proximal (marked with an *) alignment occurs when bodies are non-strictly aligned (never align themselves or do on occasion, staying within 5° window), so frequent updates and unusual patterns can be expected.



Select an archived file to see the pattern
in the real context (of an actual forecast)

Note:  A "~" means ±5% so M5.7-6.2 quakes, obviously useful as oscillation magnification's trending/jolting indicators, are also used for pattern enhancement at ends to show pattern is excited state.
M6.2+ seismicity mostly occurs at the alignment onset so forecast can change once alignment begins. For plots see our Pinterest. For 100%-successful 2011-2014 test-phase see archives.

"Most M6+ earthquakes arise as the Earth begins aligning with 2 celestial bodies."

Science of earthquake anti-forecasting


"Mechanics" of it↔

Moving part(s) in a simplest mechanical oscillator can interact in different ways, such as friction. That interaction gives rise to electricity, magnetism, chemical or structural changes, and so on.



The same can be shown for our planet under the gravitational force of the Moon and other celestial bodies as they affect all geomasses via mechanical resonance: core, mantle, rocks — and even stirring Earth's atmosphere.



Mathematically extending this georesonator concept to unspecified energies & times shows it holds universally. This gives it predictive powers for anti-forecasting and predicting quakes anywhere in the Solar system.



Sun forcing of seismicity, J Geophys (2023)
cGPS for EBR detection, J Geophys (2022)
Moon Body Resonance, J Geophys (2020)
Earth Body ResonanceJ Geophys (2020)
♦ Independent confirmation (2012) | mirror
Georesonance Geodinam Acta (2007)

*Important points
about scientific seismic anti-forecasting:

• Based on Omerbashich pattern of increase―peak―decrease in M6.2+ seismicity strength as Earth aligns with two celestial bodies for 3+ days
• The discovery confirmed a previously unproven feeling by Alfred Wegener that the cause of geoseismicity lies outside the Earth!
• The increase begins typically at the onset of the alignment that obviously can occur only within the Solar system's "plane"
• As two such alignments begin simultaneously - the M7+ seismicity gets set off on Earth (except for its polar zones)

• A very long alignment (lasting for 2+ weeks) also sets off the M7+ seismicity (except for the polar zones)

• Why ~ M6 cut-off? M6+ quakes account for ~2/3 of quakes-energy, faithfully representing Earth
• All existing instrumented seismic records (since the 1890s) exhibit the same pattern
• The above applies to seismotectonics of all celestial bodies alike.
"Anti-forecast" is a term coined in 1998 by Ruth Harris (USGS) for stating of the unlikelihood for strong earthquakes to occur, as opposed to a direct forecast - for stating a likelihood.

pattern example

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: an example of the pattern discovered in occurrences of M6.3+ earthquakes' strength: always increasing―peaking―decreasing during an astronomical alignment(s) between the Earth and two other celestial objects within our Solar system's "plane" that last for 3+ days - the mantle response-time (to forced oscillation) for forming the pattern.

Scientific paper detailing the discovery
Click the above image for the scientific background of this discovery. For a complete continuous set of plots, see our Pinterest collection.

"Most M7+ quakes arise at 2 simultaneous alignments or at a weeks-long alignment."



It is too often asserted that a "successful seismic prediction" is the one that can successfully predict: earthquake's location, time, and size (magnitude). However, satisfying this all-or-none approach has turned out futile. The insistence on the absolute prediction has been impractical, to put it mildly. Such a (most stringent) requirement is found in no other science or human endeavor. Are we talking double standards here?


For one does not refuse a cancer medication that does not cure the illness but turns it into a chronic condition; discard a weather forecast for not telling the exact hour/minute and the part of the city to be hit with that downpour, and so on. Still, we somehow developed an expectation of seismologists that they must tell precisely when/where the next killer-earthquake will strike. Otherwise, they are "useless"!


Although lives and property are at stake, seismic predictions commonly get dismissed unless absolute. They get rejected as scaremongering, unscientific, and so on. However, antiforecasts found on this site tell the exact days without killer quakes, anywhere on Earth months ahead. They can also tell, days ahead once the M5.6+ seismicity picks up, when/where the next big one is most likely to strike.

"Forecast vs. Anti-forecast"

Of visitors:

A seismic anti-forecast that tells when for sure there won't be any catastrophic earthquakes anywhere on Earth
is much more a "dream come true" for financial (insurance* primarily) industry, than a forecast which pinpoints
(when and where) such a disaster will strike. Here's an incomplete list of some of our regular visitors since 2011:

CNA Insurance   Wells Fargo   ING Group    Newmont Gold Company   Genentech    Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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*Any risks or damages from investing based on information found on are the sole responsibility of the investor. Organizations can contact us for assistance.

Why trust it?

How this anti-forecasting won in a public challenge:

Red Ice Radio

As challenged by this Swedish radio show's guest in August 2011, an M6.6 earthquake did hit precisely on 22 Nov 2011 as due to an alignment —
as predicted by the Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT). This confirmed predictive power of the HUT, its special case (the georesonator) in particular.


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