Earth oscillations magnification due to astronomical alignments

~M6+ Earthquake forecast JANUARY 2016 (archived)

Full Moon

hover your mouseHover your mouse over an alignment to see its effect on Earth ~M6+ seismicity as an INCREASE-PEAK-DECREASE pattern in M6.2+ magnitudes. Alignments to Mars do not appear to affect Earth seismicity.hover your mouse

Unlike with alignments to Mars that are not seen as affecting Earth's seismicity, very long alignments to Mars can end with M6.2+ seismicity as M6.5 Mexico of 17.12.2015, or M7.1 Papua of 14.12.2011 & M6.3
Kermadec Isles of 15.12.2011, which occurred at the end of a very long alignment to Mars (3.11.2011-20.12.2011), magnifying the effect of approximate alignment Jupiter-Earth-Saturn (see archive and its list).
The peak-magnitude in each distinct M5.7+ magnification episode/jolt marked by omitting of trending arrows.  Each M6.2+ magnitude marked red.


Note:  A "~" means ±5% so M5.7-6.2 quakes, obviously useful as oscillation magnification's trending/jolting indicators, are also used for pattern enhancement at ends to show pattern is excited state.
M6.2+ seismicity mostly occurs at the alignment onset so forecast can change once alignment begins. For plots see our Google+ or Pinterest. For 100%-successful 2011-2014 test-phase see archives.