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Forecast of Earth Mass-Resonance Magnification due to Long Astronomical Alignments

Discovery of STRENGTHENING-PEAKING-WEAKENING pattern (blue and green callouts) in strong M(6+-5%)+ earthquakes (hereinafter: M6+) as the Earth ENTERS-STAYS IN-EXITS a long (t>3 days) astronomical alignment to two other heavenly bodies in Solar system's "plane" (hereinafter: alignment). See an independent verification by University of Peloponnese, Greece (in case the above link is broken, download the paper here or here). Final magnitudes of M6+ quakes determined by comparing USGS, GFZ, and EMSC estimates to discard outliers. Note forecast of M6+ mass-resonance magnification (MX+ windows) is possible only once an alignment commences. Thus forecast can change without prior notice, but also due to delayed updates by sources, going back as far as 1 year. Note M5.7-M6 quakes are used for plot enhancement only, i.e. at the pattern's both ends (since M7+ aren't that often) - so to enhance an already existing increase/decrease segment in a pattern, as those quakes arise due to various other causes too (besides astronomical -- like as aftershocks of a stronger quake, etc.). Similarly, since M6.2-M7 quakes too can arise for other reasons (and M7+ are relatively rare), they serve the purpose of demonstrating the mechanism (the pattern). So only M7+ should be correlated to alignments, as the above Greek team has indeed verified, which is a conclusive independent confirmation of the georesonator mechanism; see HM The King page for details. Very long alignments las weeks-to-months and can alone produce M7+ quakes; note peak-magnitudes from consecutive patterns within a very long alignment form the same pattern as well (green callouts), demonstrating fractal nature of alignment-quake mechanism. Proximal (marked with an *) alignments occur when heavenly bodies are non-strictly aligned (never align themselves or they do on occasion, staying within 5 deg window), so frequent updates can be expected. For instance, once an alignment commences and is causing strong seismicity, it can be extended without prior notice so to include its proximal continuation. Full Moon interposing a multiple or a very long alignment can result in oscillation's attenuation; in solitary (proximal) alignments - in oscillation's magnification. Interference means damping the magnified oscillation to barely above M5.   Also note higher-order magnified oscillations (large blue callouts) generated by extremely long alignments (a-month-or-so or longer), like in April 2012 and October 2013.

Monitoring of Earth Mass-Resonance Magnification due to Long Astronomical Alignments

Empirical proof of the discovered resonant M6+ magnification of Earth seismicitiy: observed downward linear trending in M6+ seismicity within a long alignment. M6.2+ seismicity subsides when there are no alignments, as well as due to interposing by a fourth body in the Solar system's "plane". Drag bottom sliders to see past tracking. Earthquake times to nearest hour. Due to unreliable or greatly varying estimates or their not belonging into any long alignment (say, aftershocks), a total of eight M6.0-M6.2 (USGS) events were excluded since the beginning of tracking (May 2011), or about one per three months on average. Importantly, no M6.2+ had to be excluded, so they all follow the pattern, thus supporting the theoretical M6(+-5%) threshold. Final magnitudes of M6+ quakes are determined by comparing USGS, GFZ, and EMSC estimates to discard outliers.


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At Earth's astronomical alignments longer than 3 days to 2 bodies in our Solar system's "plane", median-blue (10-20) means increased chance of M6+ quake in next 24h except in polar regions



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Likelihood of occurrence of M6+ earthquakes globally in the current episode, as based on hyperresonance theory and precursory data, from GREEN (lowest) to RED (highest)