Earth oscillations magnification due to astronomical alignments

~M6+ Earthquake forecast NOVEMBER 2017 (archived)

Full Moon

hover your mouseHover your mouse over an alignment to see its effect on Earth ~M6+ seismicity as an INCREASE-PEAK-DECREASE pattern in M6.2+ magnitudes. Alignments to Mars do not appear to affect Earth seismicity.hover your mouse

The peak-magnitude in each distinct M5.7+ magnification episode/jolt marked by omitting of trending arrows.  Each M6.2+ magnitude marked red, except in proximal alignments.
Proximal (marked with an *) alignments occur when bodies are non-strictly aligned (never align themselves or do on occasion, staying within 5° window), so frequent updates and unusual patterns can be expected.
In 2 or more events within a short time (minutes-to-hours) at the same location (obvious same peak-oscillation magnification),
only the strongest of such events is used. For example, M5.8 Russia of 28 Oct 2017 16:13:54 was discarded as the M5.9 peak of 19:11:02 was used; M5.9 Indonesia of 31 Oct at 11:31:42 as well as two
M5.7 (at 11:34:44 and 12:37:50) were discarded while M6.1 peak of 11:50:51 was used; M6.1 New Caledonia of 01 Nov at 00:09:30 and M5.9 at 05:09:00 were discarded while M6.6 at 02:23:56 was used.
Note the very long alignment Earth-Sun-Venus of November 2017 - February 2018, as another demonstration of Hyperresonance Theory's correctness similarly to the alignment Earth-Sun-Venus of June 2017: the Earth's
oscillation magnification commences not when the Earth-Venus optical alignment starts, but when the Earth's and Venus's "dance" (the difference between angular velocities of their respective lines of sight) gets in step, on 11 November.
The demonstration, seen often with Venus and Mercury, is largely owed to their relatively fast orbital velocity resulting in an escaping line of sight. For more details see last paragraph of Section 2 in the main paper.


Note:  A "~" means ±5% so M5.7-6.2 quakes, obviously useful as oscillation magnification's trending/jolting indicators, are also used for pattern enhancement at ends to show pattern is excited state.
M6.2+ seismicity mostly occurs at the alignment onset so forecast can change once alignment begins. For plots see our Google+ or Pinterest. For 100%-successful 2011-2014 test-phase see archives.