Earth oscillations magnification due to astronomical alignments

~M6+ Earthquake forecast OCTOBER 2017 (archived)

Full Moon

hover your mouseHover your mouse over an alignment to see its effect on Earth ~M6+ seismicity as an INCREASE-PEAK-DECREASE pattern in M6.2+ magnitudes. Alignments to Mars do not appear to affect Earth seismicity.hover your mouse

The peak-magnitude in each distinct M5.7+ magnification episode/jolt marked by omitting of trending arrows.  Each M6.2+ magnitude marked red, except in proximal alignments.
Proximal (marked with an *) alignments occur when bodies are non-strictly aligned (never align themselves or do on occasion, staying within 5° window), so frequent updates and unusual patterns can be expected.
In 2 or more events within a short time (minutes-to-hours) at the same location (obvious same peak-oscillation magnification),
only the strongest of such events is used. For example, M5.8 Russia of 28 Oct 2017 16:13:54 was discarded as the M5.9 peak of 19:11:02 was used; M5.9 Indonesia of 31 Oct at 11:31:42 as well as two
M5.7 (at 11:34:44 and 12:37:50) were discarded while M6.1 peak of 11:50:51 was used; M6.1 New Caledonia of 01 Nov at 00:09:30 and M5.9 at 05:09:00 were discarded while M6.6 at 02:23:56 was used.


Note:  A "~" means ±5% so M5.7-6.2 quakes, obviously useful as oscillation magnification's trending/jolting indicators, are also used for pattern enhancement at ends to show pattern is excited state.
M6.2+ seismicity mostly occurs at the alignment onset so forecast can change once alignment begins. For plots see our Google+ or Pinterest. For 100%-successful 2011-2014 test-phase see archives.